10 Mistakes A New IGNOU Student Should Avoid: Expert

With the CUET result declared, the rush for admission has begun. Many candidates who couldn’t get into their preferred course or university, apply to open schools and universities like IGNOU. More than 33 lakh students are studying through IGNOU distance learning courses and every student depends on self learning and discipline. Therefore, it is important to empower them with some things that are elementary to their learning process and progress.

These expert tips will help you understand dos and don’ts while studying at IGNOU.

Here are some of the common mistakes students make while studying at IGNOU:

1. Choose your theme wisely: There are a number of students who make mistakes while choosing their subjects in IGNOU. When choosing the subject, students do many things, such as talking to seniors, surfing the Internet, consulting their teachers, instructors, everything. Their choices are influenced by others. They opt for a subject because of reasons like “it is a high scoring subject”, “chance of clearing the paper easily is high”, “there are good study materials available in the market”…etc. What they don’t do is do some soul searching and understand their own capacity.

So, while choosing a particular subject in IGNOU, listen to what everyone is saying, but do what your heart tells you. Know your subject, know your skill, and do it accordingly. Never decide by ear.

2. Save username and password: When your admission is confirmed, you are provided with a dedicated username and password. Write it down in a place you can easily remember. Although many students of IGNOU do not know the importance of saving their username and password, it is very important for you.

3. Attend the induction program: After being enrolled in a particular course at IGNOU, an induction program is arranged. This is a fantastic opportunity for students. You can meet your seniors, make contacts, know so many things related to your course and IGNOU in general. Know the nuggets of your course, preparation method, tips and tricks, contact numbers of your seniors. Simply put, this will be too important for you to miss.

4. Never wait for IGNOU books: Students usually expect the study materials provided by IGNOU. Rather they should start reading help books from reputed publishing companies who publish books for IGNOU students. Fortunately, there are some very good books in the market that not only provide thorough knowledge on the subject but also promise good marks in the exam.

5. Don’t take IGNOU assignment lightly: Assignments can help you score better. Therefore, it is important that you complete all tasks on time.

6. Do not enroll in the lab course: Many students of IGNOU are not aware that registration is mandatory for lab course and thus end up missing out on a great opportunity. Therefore, you must register, if you have opted for a laboratory course.

7. Do not visit the study center: One of the most common mistakes students make is not visiting their study centers. But, what they don’t know is that it is the study center where the teachers, the seniors are available and that in turn can be of great help to them. Even if other things keep them busy, they should pay a visit to their study center at least once a month.

8. Not to consult with your course coordinator/senior: Due importance must be given to the course coordinator. They know the details of the exam/course and thus prove to be of great help and benefit to the students.

9. Chosen language: Some students put Hindi or English as the medium to answer questions. But in the exam room, they write in their regional language. IGNOU has a very tough procedure for this type of error. So, you must not make this mistake.

10. Not preparing for exams: Some students do not understand the importance of preparing for the exam. So they show up for it unprepared. Fortunately, there are so many help books available in the market today that are from reputable publishers and their track records are so impressive. So feel free to ask for help and rate well.

The author is the founder and CEO of online bookstore Gullybaba

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