10 Questions Answered: Planning to take a data science course? Find answers to all your queries

According to the list of the most emerging courses on the online learning platform Coursera this year, data science remains one of the most popular courses that students and professionals are willing to take. Although the course is primarily IT-related, its use has now extended to other non-technical professions as well.

Candidates willing to participate in this program are faced with dilemmas regarding the scope, eligibility and career prospects of this course. Here are the answers to all the frequently asked questions about data science:

Question 1: Can a non-scientist student follow this program?

Graduates and professionals with up to three years of experience with technical training can take this program. It is good to have math or technical background to become a data scientist.

Question 2: How can an individual become a data scientist?

You can become a data scientist by pursuing a postgraduate degree in a data science program from a recognized institute.

Question 3: What are the eligibility criteria to follow a postgraduate data science?

To pursue a postgraduate degree in data science, candidates must meet the following criteria:

— New graduates or postgraduates with a minimum grade of 50 percent at graduation.

— Engineers, IT/IT graduates, Maths/Statistics/Economics, MBA – Finance/IT.

— Working professionals with 0-3 years of experience: software developers, testers, QA, network professionals, system administrators, product and program management professionals, and IT support professionals with a current CTC of less than 4 lakes are eligible.

Question 4: What is the course syllabus and who must follow it?

The course covers excel, Python programming, SQL, data visualization, machine learning, statistics for data science, data visualization with tableau and Power BI, and advanced machine specialization la = earnings track or data analysis .

Question 5: What are the career prospects after pursuing a data science program i the initial salary package?

There are a wealth of career prospects after the program. A career can be pursued as a data scientist, data analyst, data manager, business analyst, business intelligence specialist, data science consultant, analytics manager, and machine learning engineer. The average starting salary of a data scientist in India is around Rs 4.5 lakh per annum

Question 6: What is the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?

A data analyst examines existing data, while a data scientist develops new techniques to collect and analyze data that analysts can use. A data scientist is someone who can make predictions about the future based on historical trends, unlike a data analyst who only collects insightful data.

Question 7: What are the best institutes to pursue data science courses?

There are many institutes that offer data science courses. Before joining you should consider important aspects such as your level of experience, the curriculum, the teaching staff and the time you can devote to learning.

Question 8: Short term data science course vs full time degree. Which one is better?

It depends on your experience level. If you are a recent graduate or someone with less than three years of experience, a graduate program is a good option. A short term course can only be useful if you already have experience and just want to improve your skills.

Question 9: Is it worth taking a data science course on an online platform? From where can we take this course for free?

Online platforms offer data science courses through live online training or recorded lectures that give you the flexibility to learn in the best possible way. There is no such platform where you can get quality content for free. Therefore, students should avoid going on the free ship.

Question 10: What are the most frequently asked questions on your platform about data science?

The questions are mostly related to eligibility, the curriculum we cover, how to become a data scientist, how to learn the program, the faculty teaching the course, whether there is a certification or job guarantee, what are the career prospects. and who our recruitment partners are.

(Questions were answered by Joy Parekh, Vice President – Head of Online Business, Imarticus Learning)

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