100 new medical schools in the next 5 years improving district hospitals: Ministry of Health

The Union Health Ministry has come up with a proposal to set up 100 new medical schools by 2027 by upgrading district hospitals in the fourth phase of a scheme that aims to increase the availability of human resources for the sector sanitary

The colleges will be set up under the centrally sponsored scheme for “Establishment of New Medical Colleges by Upgrading District or Referral Hospitals” at an estimated cost of Rs 325 crore per college on the basis of the central and state share of 60:40, official. sources told PTI.

The funding pattern for North Eastern and Special Category States is in the ratio of 90:10 between the Center and the state.

The Department of Expenditure has approved the Health Ministry’s proposal, and a cabinet note to this effect has already been drafted, official sources said.

In the last three phases, 157 medical colleges have been approved, and 93 of them have become operational while others are in various stages of construction.

These proposed 100 medical colleges will be established in 100 districts having a population of more than 10 lakhs and where there are no private or government medical colleges.

“The proposal to establish 100 medical colleges by upgrading district hospitals in the fourth phase of the plan has been approved by the Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC), after which a cabinet note has been prepared,” an official source said.

In addition, the centrally sponsored scheme has a new component of providing Rs 10 crore each for setting up nursing colleges linked to the existing 157 medical colleges already approved in the first three phases, added the source

But this will require an amendment to the existing NMC minimum standard requirements regulations where membership of medical and nursing faculties is not allowed.

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