A week later, aspirants worry about admission and fee

A week after the NEET result, aspiring medical students and their parents are waiting for clarity on the admission procedure, especially the fee structure of private and reputed medical schools. Due to the indecision over the NMC’s recommendation to reduce the fee structure for 50 per cent seats in private and deemed medical colleges, bringing it at par with the respective government medical colleges, the parents also fear an increase in fees for the remaining seats.

The NEET result was declared last week on September 8. According to parents of aspiring medical students, this is generally the time to make financial arrangements for fees. The general practice would have been to refer to the previous year’s fee structure. But due to the NMC’s directive on reducing the fee structure for 50 per cent seats in private and deemed medical schools, there is anxiety among parents that the fee structure for the remaining places may see an exorbitant increase.

Earlier in February, the NMC had issued a memorandum on guidelines for fee regulation in which it was recommended to reduce the fee for 50 per cent seats in private medical colleges and deemed universities, putting- those at par with the fees charged by government medical colleges in respective states and union territories. It has since been challenged in the Supreme Court by the Association of Health Sciences Institutes (AHSI), which filed a petition challenging the NMC’s authority to fix fees for private unaided educational institutions . The Indian Express had done a report about it.

“The Madhya Pradesh government has taken a decision to follow the NMC guideline in postgraduate (PG) admissions. But there is no clarity on what will happen in Maharashtra,” said Brijesh Sutaria, a parent.

“As the matter remains sub-judicial, there is no clarity on the fee structures of private and deemed colleges. The delay in announcing the fee structures by the Fee Regulatory Authority indicates that there could be a considerable change in the amount,” said another worried parent.

“There is definitely an element of anxiety among parents about this. But this goes beyond the fee structure. The authorities have not issued any brochure for the admission process so that aspirants and parents can study- it and challenge it if they object on any criteria,” said Sudha Shenoy, another parent.

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