After sending the previous year question paper for the exam, University of Bombay rectifies the ‘mistake’

MUMBAI University (MU) faced a huge embarrassment on Tuesday when it sent the previous year question paper for the Constitutional Law exam, leading to a delay of about an hour.

The work of the second semester of the 3-year Law Degree course was scheduled to begin at 11 am.

However, as soon as the exam started, and some colleges had distributed the question papers, the MU informed them to stop the exam and wait for further instructions.

“Then a new question paper was sent and finally the exam started at noon. As expected, this delay in the first session also further delayed the afternoon work,” said a professor at a law school in the city. Another professor shared how the last-minute changes caused panic in the classrooms and many wondered if there had been a paper leak. “We were abruptly asked not to start the exam, without proper reason. Meanwhile, an image of an old question paper started to circulate on mobile phones. It made many suspect a paper leak,” said the professor, who also mentioned that it was only later that day that there was clarity on what had actually happened.

“After the fiasco of the first session, we focused on conducting the second paper smoothly. The examinees had to wait for almost an hour for the paper to start,” added another teacher. Meanwhile, in an official response from the Board of Examinations and Evaluation of the MU, the university has clarified: “Due to a technical failure, the paper of the previous year was sent to the colleges, by mistake, for the paper of Law 2nd semester constitutional. of LLB-3 years. After realizing the mistake; a new question paper was immediately sent to the colleges. The exam started at noon and the students were given the extra time suitable to complete the work”.

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