After student protests, IIT-Delhi partially rolls back fee hike for PG programs

After two days of student protest, IIT Delhi has partially rolled back the 150% fee hike for postgraduate students.

The board of the institute had decided on a new fee structure which was implemented in January 2022. Until last year, the tuition fee for MTech programs was Rs 10,000 per semester, which under this revised fee structure, applicable to students admitted in 2022-2023, was Rs. 25,000 per semester – a 150% increase. Along with other principals, the new MTech students claimed that their total academic fees for the semester had increased from around Rs 26,000 to around Rs 53,000.

With the partial revocation, notified by the registrar on Friday, his tuition has been reduced to Rs 17,500 for one semester. Fees for other PG programs in the college have also been reduced.

“The tuition fee has been reduced by Rs 7,500 and other charges have also been reduced by Rs 7,000-8,000, so now the fee for the semester is close to Rs 39,000. There is a common debate between students on whether to accept this rollback.However, there is a common feeling that we should not protest on Saturday as the institute has shown concession,” said one of the protesting MTech students.

President Droupadi Murmu along with the Union Minister of Education, Union Minister of State for Education and Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India will be at the IIT Delhi campus on Saturday for at its “Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Closing Ceremony”.

MTech students had started silent protests against the fee hike on August 31. The Indian Express had reported that the institute had constituted a committee to look into the demand for a review of the hike and submitted recommendations to the board. The registrar’s notification states that the partial withdrawal has been implemented after the board chairman approved the committee’s recommendations.

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