AKTU will also teach BTech first year in Hindi as per NEP 2020

Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) on Thursday announced that it will start teaching first-year BTech students, who will begin their session from November 6, also in Hindi.

Speaking on Thursday, AKTU Vice-Chancellor PK Mishra said, “We are going step by step and following the National Education Policy. We have decided that we will start using Hindi books already prepared by AICTE. BTech students who want to take the exams in Hindi will also be able to do so, while those who want to do so in English will also be able to do so.In the classrooms, the teaching will be bilingual.This is done as per the guidelines of the National Policy on Education 2020.

“This will help students coming from Uttar Pradesh Board and those coming from villages. Their learning will not be hampered by the barrier created by the English language,” the VC said. More than 60,000 students are admitted in BTech courses every year in AKTU and its affiliated colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

“This year we are introducing Hindi as a medium of instruction only for BTech courses, but from next year, we will include other courses as well,” the VC said.

Teachers in all universities have been directed to start preparing to conduct BTech courses in Hindi along with English. “Teachers teaching engineering courses will have to prepare instructions in Hindi and English,” said a university official.

“We are also working on translating the books of other subjects into Hindi,” the official added.

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