All 33 districts of Rajasthan have medical colleges: CM Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday said that the central and state governments have focused on the health sector and there has been a huge increase in the number of seats in medical courses.

The Chief Minister said that the initiative to increase medical seats in universities across the country was taken by the Congress-led UPA government.

“Fortunately, the NDA government took it forward. Hence, the number of (medical) colleges in the country is increasing,” he said.

Soon, Congress-ruled Rajasthan will have a medical college in each of its 33 districts, Gehlot said, adding that industrialist Gautam Adani had recently announced plans to build medical colleges in two districts of the state.

The chief minister was speaking during a meeting with principals of medical colleges and other state government officials. He also reviewed the implementation of various schemes of the state government and the provision of health services in hospitals.

“MBBS, MD seats have gone up. This is some kind of revolution. Tell me, did we think 10 years ago that this kind of change would come? Earlier there were 50-100 seats in medical colleges,” he said Gehlot.

“Today, there is such a big jump (in the number of medical places) in the country. The attention of the central and state governments has been directed towards the medical sector. he said

The chief minister said that the principals of medical colleges have the responsibility to ensure quality education for the students who will become doctors.

He said the state government has introduced schemes like Chiranjeevi Health Insurance in which free treatment is provided to people in government hospitals. He reiterated his demand from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to implement the scheme across the country.

These initiatives are necessary to provide social security to people in times of high inflation.

Gehlot also directed the authorities to ensure cleanliness and improve existing facilities in state government hospitals.

He suggested that hospital authorities should impose fines for spitting and littering, work to reduce long queues and focus on improving cleanliness and hygiene so that quality services are provided to visitors.

The Chief Minister said there should be healthy competition among government hospitals for cleanliness and maintenance.

He said private hospitals are “looting” the public and should be checked. He said that private hospitals work with commercial objectives but should have a humanitarian approach.

Expressing displeasure over complaints of poor maintenance of facilities like toilets in various hospitals, the chief minister said that cleanliness should not be compromised and bed sheets should be changed daily.

Innovations are needed to manage these things, he said.

Hospitals must implement and follow a code of conduct so that facilities and management can be improved and provide quality services to patients without any problems.

Stressing the importance of research, Gehlot said that the US is ahead in medical services because of the extensive research of doctors there. This practice should be followed here as well, he said.

Officers should study more about post-Covid complications, Gehlot said, adding that whenever he finds new information related to the coronavirus, he shares it on social media to educate people.

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