Allahabad college fee hike: Four students ‘attempt self-immolation’

A day after a student allegedly tried to immolate himself on campus, demanding the withdrawal of the alleged 400% Fee Increase by Allahabad Universityfour more students on Tuesday made a bid for self-immolation by dousing themselves in kerosene, and another student consumed kerosene on Tuesday outside the vice-chancellor’s office, university authorities said.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old student climbed the university building allegedly with a gas cylinder and a lighter in his hands and threatened to blow himself up if the university authorities did not accede to his demands, they said.

“The campus police, however, foiled his bid for self-immolation, but it was difficult for them to convince the student who threatened to blow himself up to come down the university building. The condition of the student who consumed kerosene is stable,” said Dr Jaya Kapoor, public relations officer of the university.

For the past 25 days, a group of students has been protesting a hike in college fees on campus.

Karnalganj (Prayagraj) police station office Ram Mohan Rai said, “On Tuesday, the protest continued for about three hours. Students raised slogans against the university authorities at different places on the campus. Some students tried to kill himself, but the police team handled it tactfully. No student was injured or fell ill during the protest. No FIR was lodged on Tuesday.”

University authorities pointed out that the fee has been increased after 110 years since the establishment of the university in 1922.

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