Breaking News: CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10th & 12th Boards Coming Soon with Introduction of Competency Based Questions.

This year, CBSE Class 10 and 12 students may get official sample papers for 22-23 boards sooner rather than later, say several CBSE experts. In the first week of September 2022, CBSE is expected to release its sample papers for CBSE boards on its Academic websitewhich will finally reveal the latest paper pattern and blueprint.

Since this session has been mostly offline for all the students, it is essential that CBSE declares the final changes in the paper pattern as soon as possible so that students and teachers can start their preparation for the preliminary exams (se expected to start from November). -December 2022), preferably to give them at least 6-7 weeks.

Until then, CBSE experts have made their predictions about pattern changes that every student and teacher should know now! Check out some of them below.

Pattern and style of questions

  • At least 4 case based questions can be done in most subjects with a mix of objective and subjective questions. They are expected to have MCQs, VSAs and SAs as sub-parts of the main questions in each case study.
  • Then there are many questions based on real life situations, again both objective and subjective. These questions are called competency based questions. As per CBSE ACAD Circular 57/2022, 30% of the question will consist of them.

A resource book with all these case study, real life and competency questions has been published in collaboration with Educart for chapter practice on this same pattern.

Total number of questions

  • With a mix of objective and subjective questions, sample papers and question papers are expected to have between 35 and 38 questions for most subjects.
  • This follows from the previous year’s pattern (before COVID), which looks set to be followed again from this session.

Science questions based on real life Book with breakdown of marking scheme.

Level of difficulty of the questions

New question pattern based on English skills Resource book.

  • It was clear from the 2nd term paper that the level of questions was reduced to help students adjust to a completely new pattern.
  • But since the start of the current session, the pattern has been similar to pre-Covid. Although the curriculum is reduced, the way of learning is now more focused on conceptual thinking and inference-based questions. Hence, the difficulty level of the questions is expected to be as well.

these question bank resource books from Educart are most recommended by CBSE experts for complete chapter-wise practice of these medium to high difficulty questions that you can expect in the upcoming CBSE Sample Papers.

If we look closely at these predictions, we can conclude that the main focus of students now should be on chapter-wise practice of questions (competency based and real-life) that are relevant and meaningful according to the latest paper pattern. This brings us back to the donated resource material developed in collaboration with Educart provide the same to the students for fully immersed preparation for the last 5 months with sample questions and papers.

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