‘Private Little Hell’

Art Copleston didn’t notice the man’s stares at first. It was a summer night in Gainesville, Florida, in 1958. Copleston, then in his mid-20s, was hanging out with some friends at a burger joint near his dormitory at the University of Florida. The evening was pleasant enough — spent drinking beers with jukebox music in … Read more

In Wisconsin, a merger can’t save a community college

In 2017, the University of Wisconsin system merged the operations of all 13 of its community colleges with one of its seven public universities. The move was intended to bolster funding for two-year colleges, which, like a growing number of institutions in some parts of the country, were facing steady enrollment declines and dwindling state … Read more

Is this the beginning of the end for US News chart dominance?

By Francie Diep Chronicle illustration, images from iStock // for full bleed half split – parent figure container should not calculate max height // and instead should set 100% – querySelector === baseClassName let parent = document.querySelector(‘figure.FullBleedFigureHalfSplit’).parentElement parent .style.maxHeight = “100%” Top law schools have taken the drastic step of abandoning the much-cited list. But … Read more

A week after the killing of U. Idaho students, the lack of information is creating fear and confusion

It’s been a week since police found four University of Idaho students dead in a house just steps from campus, but no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified, fueling fear and uncertainty among students and faculty. The coroner’s office in Moscow, Idaho ruled the deaths murders by stabbing, possibly with a … Read more

Colleges Brace for More Pregnant and Parenting Students

Whitney Phinney, a former graduate student at the University of Colorado’s medical campus, thought she had permission to bring her infant daughter, Sunny, to class. She’d spoken to the professor about her child-care challenges, and the professor had been sympathetic, telling Phinney that she’d put herself through law school with three children under the age … Read more

Should all genetic research on intelligence be borderless?

RThe study of human intelligence tends to generate controversy, with papers leading to protests and speakers scorned. A few years ago, a couple of academics tried to catalog this history and discovered 111 cases since 1956. The genetics vs. intelligence debate is particularly heated because racists have twisted it to justify oppression and violence. Just … Read more

What a Shooting at the U. of Arizona Tells Us About Student Privacy and Campus Safety

The shooting death of a professor that shook the University of Arizona last month has brought renewed scrutiny to student-privacy laws that faculty members say were used as justification to keep them in the dark about violent threats. Thomas Meixner, head of the department of hydrology and atmospheric sciences, was shot and killed while walking … Read more

Channeling Orwell, judge destroys Florida’s dystopian ban on wakefulness guidelines

After his decisive victory in Florida’s gubernatorial race last week, Ron DeSantis called the Sunshine State the place where “wokeness” is dying. But a federal judge struck down that idea Thursday, blocking Florida’s state university system from enforcing a new law that places strict limits on what professors can teach or say about race in … Read more

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