CUET Results 2022: Students need not worry, ‘normalization’ of marks results in neither gain nor loss, says UGC chairman

Prof Kumar made the reiteration in a statement after many students complained that despite performing well, their normalized scores are much lower compared to their “actual scores based on the answer keys”.

“The normalization causes neither benefits nor losses to the students. Because they are writing in different sessions and the difficulty levels are different, even if they got the same marks in two different sessions, when the difficulty levels are taken into account, the normalized marks will be different. This is the essence of the equi-percentile method,” said Professor Kumar.

The CUET score sheet contains the student’s percentile and normalized grades in each subject. Percentiles indicate a student’s relative performance among a set of students who took the test in a given shift in a subject.

“Using the equipercentile method, students’ percentiles are converted into normalized grades taking into account the difficulty levels of multiple sessions. Difficulty levels vary from session to session in the same subject. That is why it is quite possible that in the score card you can see that in one subject the percentile is higher than the normalized marks and in another subject, the percentile is lower than the normalized marks,” said Professor Kumar.

He also added that students need not worry about these differences as the normalization formula was prepared by a group of experts from the Indian Statistical Institute, IIT Delhi and Delhi University.

Although the normalization method provides a level playing field, a situation is also possible where two candidates, with the same combination of subjects, appear for the examination on two different days and face certain disadvantages despite solving their respective questions correctly.

Just going by the answer keys, both of them might have had similar marks, but after applying the normalization formula, the scores of the two candidates will inevitably be different.

However, while in the hypothetical situation described above, one student is likely to face some disadvantage, failure to apply the normalization formula will result in a situation where students from one entire session could lose out to another lot i could have attempted an easier question paper.

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