CUET Results: DU aspirants still don’t have a clear picture about admission to preferred courses

With a new process for undergraduate admissions, the Results of the common university entrance test (CUET). Released on Thursday is likely to still not give aspirants a clear idea of ​​their chances of getting admission in their preferred college and program at Delhi University.

Allotment of colleges and programs to the candidates will be done by the University of Delhi based on the university program preferences listed by the candidates and the program group merit lists created by the university based on the published CUET scores today.

As per the DU procedure, the program group merit list will be made on the basis of a sum of the normalized marks of the papers required as per the eligibility criteria of a particular programme. The university will not publish separate merit lists for each of its 79 degree programs and will instead issue a merit list for a “group of programs,” programs that have the same eligibility criteria for admission . For example, for most humanities honors programmes, eligibility is based on a language paper, any two subjects from the NTA B1 subject list and one from either the B1 or B2 list . All of them will form a subject group and the university will issue a merit list.

Equal weightage will be given to all eligibility subjects and the normalized marks of a candidate’s ‘best subjects’ will be considered. For example, if they have written two subject papers in the CUET, the one in which they have performed better will be counted for the merit list.

According to DU Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi, until all students submit their CUET scores and preferences, it will be difficult to assess what a candidate’s chances might be for a particular program and college.

“Even if we don’t know it, it’s a new system. That’s why we tell them to list every possible combination in their preference list so they have the best chance of being assigned a seat. Once we close all the registrations, we are trying to make some kind of arrangement on the online platform to give candidates an idea of ​​where they can be placed,” he said.

Till 5.45 pm on Thursday, DU had received 62,356 registrations on its admission registration portal, which was launched on Monday.

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