Delhi pollution: Schools to reopen for primary classes from November 9

Gopal Rai today announced that primary classes in Delhi schools will reopen from November 9 (Wednesday). He has also revoked the order calling for 50 percent of government staff to work from home.

The announcement was made today by Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai at a press conference.

The decision has been taken as the Delhi government believes there has been an improvement in pollution levels in the capital.

“There has been an improvement in air quality in the last two days. Yesterday and today, the AQI has dropped to around 350. There is also a reduction in the number of stubble burns and the wind direction has changed. Keeping this in mind, the CAQM has revoked the Phase-4 GRAP. Phase-3 restrictions will continue,” he told a press conference.

“If there are changes in the AQI, further decisions will be made based on the directions of the CAQM,” he added. The ban on outdoor activities in schools has now also been lifted.

Primary classes were ordered closed on Friday as Delhi’s air quality deteriorated and a thick layer of smog gripped the Delhi-NCR region. Meanwhile, schools in the NCR region have adopted precautionary methods like masks, air purifiers, offering amla and jaggery to students.

Vishnu Karthik, principal of Heritage School in Gurugram, said parents were encouraged to send their wards to the school. “Our purifiers not only clean the air, but also pump fresh oxygen for the students. So the quality of the air the students breathe in our classrooms is much better than the air they will breathe at home,” he said. .

Government authorities and schools had also restricted or canceled all outdoor activities for children, given the rising pollution levels.

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