Delhi University Admission Webinars from next week

Delhi University will conduct a series of public webinars starting next week to guide students through the process of registering for undergraduate admissions and listing their college and preferences.

Registrar Vikas Gupta said that the university authorities would conduct a webinar every day, but also asked the colleges to conduct open sessions on their own at the college level to help resolve all student queries.

On Friday, Gupta and Dean Admissions Haneet Gandhi held a session with all the colleges to explain the admission procedure for this year. Earlier, colleges used to play a critical role in the admission procedure as each college used to set cut-offs for their various programs. But under the new system, the only role the colleges have is to accept or reject candidates’ admissions after scrutinizing their documents. The allocation of places will be done by the university based on the centralized merit lists that will be prepared based on the CUET scores and the program-university preferences listed by the students.

University authorities stressed that this year, DU will not admit any candidate to any program based on compromises instead of required certificates like EWS or caste certificates.

“This year, we will not give any compromise admission because we cannot waste a seat if the candidate turns out to be ineligible later. This is a very time-bound system that needs to move quickly,” Gandhi said.

On Friday evening, the university issued a notification telling candidates to have all their certificates ready by September 30.

Because of the newness of the admissions process, Gupta said, the university is working on developing a “dummy list” so students understand where they stand so they can make an informed choice of program and college combinations. “Once the candidates fill in all their preferences, we will try to pull out a mock list with which the candidates can see what is their situation, what is their rank in their category, once they see it, there will be a window to do – it changes in your preferences. Once it closes, we will publish the final merit lists,” said Gupta.

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