Despite the impact of the pandemic, the state tops the school performance index

Maharashtra has been ranked first along with Punjab and Kerala in the Performance Rating Index (PGI) report for the academic year 2020-21. The state has a total score of 928/1000, which raises it to the first position from the eighth position it had last year.

The Ministry of Education on Thursday released the latest edition of the Performance Grading Index, which is a new index that measures the performance of states and union territories on a uniform scale to analyze transformative change in the field of school education.

There are five parameters on which performance is graded: learning outcome, access, equity, infrastructure and governance process.

The PGI report is generated through existing management information system platforms such as the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), the National Achievement Survey (NAS) and the mid-day meal (MDM), from which the information is collected.

Although the pandemic has adversely affected the education sector, Maharashtra’s PGI report card has shown an improvement. “According to the report, Maharashtra has shown considerable improvement in domains such as infrastructure facilities and governance processes. In domains such as learning outcomes and access, Maharashtra has maintained the levels of last year’s performance,” said an official of the state School Education department.

As the name suggests, the domain of infrastructure facilities includes measures such as the provision of safe infrastructure, functioning toilets, clean drinking water, clean and attractive spaces, electricity, computing devices, internet, libraries and sports and recreational resources , others.

Maharashtra’s score in the domain has increased to 143/150 this year from 126/150 in 2019-20. indicators

like availability of digital facilities, timely availability of textbooks and uniforms, which are critical inputs for better student performance, are also measured in this area.

In the governance process domain, which aims to capture the performance of all states/UTs using indicators such as use of IT rather than human interface, Maharashtra’s score has increased to 340/360 from only 299/360 last year. This includes digital assistance of students, teachers, transfer of funds digitally, time taken by the state government to release the funds, filling vacancies and transfer of teachers through transparent online systems.

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