DU Admissions 2022: All You Need to Know About Delhi University ECA and Sports Quota Seats

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Delhi University will return to physical tests for admission to its Sports and Extracurricular Activities (ECA) seats this year.

Sports and ECA seats are supernumerary seats in the colleges of the university, which means they are in addition to the admissions made through the regular admission process. Universities are required to have Sports and ECA admissions, each representing at least 1% of the university’s total intake capacity in a given year. Together, they can reach up to 5% of the total intake.

Sports and activities

There are 14 activities through which ECA admissions are conducted: Creating writing (Hindi and English); Dance (Indian Classical, Indian Folk, Western, Choreography); Debate (Hindi and English); Digital media (photography, filmmaking, animation); Fine Arts (drawing and painting, sculpture); Music-Vocal (Indian, Western); Indian Music-Instrumental (11 different instruments); Music-Instrumental Western (7 different instruments); Theater; questionnaire; NCC; NSS; Yoga; and Divinity (applicable to Sikh minority colleges).

Sports tickets include 28 different team, doubles, combat and singles sports.

This year’s process

Applicants for these positions must have registered and taken the CUET, whose scores will be weighted at 25%.

The weight of the remaining 75% will be determined through certificates, tests or performances.

Candidates seeking admissions in these categories will first have to register through the DU Common Seat Allotment System online portal along with other candidates. They must list their university preferences and preferred programs on the application form. They can list as many preferences as they want. They will need to pay an additional fee, along with the CSAS application fee.

ECA procedure

Students can apply for a maximum of three ECA categories, but will only be offered admission in one category.

Out of 75 ECA points, for all categories except NCC and NSS, 60 points will be given in physical tests. The remaining 15 will be based on certificates from the last 5 years. For NCC and NSS, the 75 marks will be given on the basis of certificates.

The combined ECA merit score on the basis of places to be allocated will be a sum of 25% of the highest programme-specific CUET score of all programs to which the candidate has applied and 75% of the highest ECA score obtained among the ECA Categories in which they have applied. The final allocation will be based on the programme, the university preferences presented by the candidates as well as the availability of seats in the specific ECA category at a university.

Sports procedure

Students can apply for a maximum of three different sports.

Candidates who have represented India in a particular set of international competitions such as Olympics and Commonwealth Games (Category A candidates) will get admissions without sports tests. These students will have priority in the allocation of places. For other candidates, the sports merit score will consist of 75% marks for sports tests and 25% for their certificates in the last 5 years.

Combined sports merit for allotment of seats will be done in the same manner as for ECA category.

The timeline

The CUET portal was launched on Monday. However, it has been decided that the allotment of these seats will start only after the commencement of the third round of allotment of ordinary seats. The dates for the third round of allotment have not been announced yet.

Along the years

In 2021, the university received over 4.83 lakh applications for undergraduate admissions. Of these almost 14,000 applications were for ECA admissions and 8,283 for sports admissions.

At 3,047, the highest number of applications was through NCC among the ECA activities. This was followed by the English debate (1775); Quiz (1696); Indian Classical Vocal Music (1292); and NSS (1210).

Athletics had the highest number of applications with 1358 in the sports category. It was followed by football (1300), basketball (1246), volleyball (835) and cricket (752).

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