DU Admissions 2022: Everything you need to know about admissions on NCWEB

Delhi University admissions branch recently organized a webinar on Non-Collegiate Women Education Board (NCWEB) admission procedure. The NCWEB is an initiative started in 1943 to encourage women in higher education for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in DU.

Currently, 32,000 students are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies under NCWEB. The program is designed to enable women to support themselves financially by working five days a week and attending classes on the weekends.

Here’s everything you need to know about NCWEB admissions:

Q. What programs are offered at NCWEB?

NCWEB currently offers BA and BCom program. for BA and MA students in Mathematics, English, Hindi, Political Science, History, Sanskrit and Punjabi. Classes are held at various affiliated colleges of DU, with some evening classes. Guest lecturers are tasked with teaching NCWEB students. Currently, there are 26 designated centers for UG students and one for PG.

Q. Is there any financial aid provision?

NCWEB offers financial aid to students below the poverty line. According to last year NCWEB data, the fee for degree programs was Rs 3,365 and for PG programs it was Rs 4,500. Book loan facility is also available to needy and deserving students.

Q. Can male students apply under NCWEB?

NCWEB admissions are exclusively for women residents of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Q. Will admissions be made based on CUET score?

Unlike other regular programs in DU, NCWEB admissions for this year will be based on applicants’ marks in class 12 exams. Students need not register on the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) portal ), which is for admissions through CUET. A separate portal has been created for the NCWEB. The application period has been open for 3 months and the last date for registration is 19 October.

Unlike admissions through the CSAS portal, where students can opt for the “upgrade” option after the first round of adjudication, students applying to the NCWEB cannot change their preference once A center has been assigned to them (constituent DU university).

Q. Can students who live in the National Capital Territory and are enrolled in a school in the National Capital Region (and vice versa) apply for admissions to NCWEB?

School can be anywhere but residence must be in NCT Delhi. For example, a student living in Faridabad but attending a school in Delhi will not be able to apply. Whereas, if the student lives in Delhi but attends school in Faridabad, they are eligible to apply.

Q. Are classes always held on weekends?

Most classes are held only on weekends. But sometimes, like for example during mid-semester breaks (of regular UG and PG programs), classes are held on weekdays. For example, classes are not being held for regular third-year students right now. Therefore, from October 3rd to 9th, NCWEB classes will be on weekdays. However, DU always tries to have most classes on weekends so that working women can work and support themselves.

Q. Is a change of UG or PG centers allowed?

Unlike CSAS where a student can choose to upgrade after the first round of allotments, in NCWEB a student cannot change their assigned center.

Q. Is it possible for NCWEB students to simultaneously pursue a second degree in addition to the DU degree?

DU has not yet taken a position on the matter. This decision will be previously approved by the statutory bodies of DU. Therefore, currently, a student can only pursue one degree in DU under NCWEB. However, if they choose to pursue a further degree from elsewhere, it is at their own risk and responsibility to respond if challenged, and the university accepts no responsibility for this.

Q. Can students study degree programs at NCWEB?

Currently, NCWEB has only Arts and Commerce courses. Science programs can start from next year.

Q. Is it possible to suspend midway and resume later?

University rules that allow a student to interrupt their studies and continue them later are also the same for NCWEB students. Everything is the same except for the fact that classes are held on weekends.

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