DU admissions 2022: Over 23,000 students applied for upgrade, official says

Over 30,500 students who are allotted courses in Delhi University colleges have had their seats frozen, while over 23,000 candidates opted for seat upgrade after the second merit list, a senior university official

Meanwhile, the university has also received 1,008 average entry applications. The university had given a window of November 5-7 for mid-entry for new applicants.

The total number of students admitted to the university so far has exceeded 61,500, out of the 70,000 undergraduate places offered by DU.

More than 15,500 students have been admitted to degree courses in Delhi University colleges in the second round of allotment of seats.

“After the second round, 30,662 students have lost their place. While 23,139 students have opted for the upgrade. Also, we received 1,008 applications through the average entry window,” said Dean of Admissions Haneet Gandhi.

The university has also informed the students on its website about the number of vacant seats after the first two rounds of allotment of seats.

The admission process, which started on September 12, is being conducted in three phases: the first phase was the application to the university, the second phase was for filling preferences and the third phase was the allotment of seats-cum-admission.

This year, Delhi University is admitting students through CUET scores instead of Class 12 marks. On September 12, the university released the CSAS, its admission and allotment policy.

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