DU admissions: Apart from CBSE, Haryana, Kerala and Rajasthan boards, students bagged the highest number of seats last year

DU admissions: Apart from national education boards, the state boards of Haryana, Kerala and Rajasthan bagged the highest number of seats in last year’s Delhi University admission cycle.

With this year’s Common University Entrance Test and the University’s Common Seat Allotment System, 2021-2022 was the last year in which DU undergraduate college admissions were do through the cut off system based on class 12 marks.

Every year, the largest number of applications and seats come from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Last year, 59,199 of the 71,748 admissions were from the board.

The other national board, Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations CISCE stood third in number of admissions with 2389. Board of School Education of Haryana is second with 2470.

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The state boards with more than 1000 students in DU last year were Kerala Board of Higher Secondary Education with 1672 admissions and Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education with 1511 admissions.

Although these are the absolute number of admissions from these boards, the order of acceptance rates seems different. Of these, the Kerala board had the highest acceptance rate of 41.98 percent as it had only 3,983 applications.

It was followed by Haryana board with 27.89 percent, Rajasthan board with 27.47 percent, CISCE with 26.92 percent and CBSE with 26.41 percent.

Among these boards, there are also differences in the average admission percentages or average percentages based on which students from that board got admission. Kerala board has the highest average pass percentage at 95.99 per cent followed by Rajasthan board (93.01 per cent), Haryana (90.72 per cent), CISCE (90.03 per cent cent) and CBSE (86.48 per cent).

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