DU’s “Centennial Opportunity Exam” to drop out of college begins

Delhi University’s (DU) ‘centenary opportunity exam’ for college dropouts to complete their courses began on Sunday.

Speaking to PTI, DS Rawat, Dean of Examinations, DU, said that the examinations are conducted in two shifts and the attendance has been “good” so far.

The dropouts have been given this opportunity because of DU’s centenary celebrations that began on May 1.

“The centenary random exam has begun. All the arrangements were made carefully and the exams are being conducted smoothly,” said Rawat.

More than 1,850 students are scheduled to appear on the first day of the exam. More than 8,560 students had applied to appear for the exams. The exams will be held on Sunday in two shifts. The exams are held at two centres: the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Sciences.

In each shift, the examination of 18 papers will be conducted, Rawat said.

Eligible candidates can appear for a maximum of four papers in the annual mode and up to eight papers for half-yearly tests. It will be done for a theoretical and practical exam and not for an internal assessment.

The exams will be held from October 16 to November 9.

DU had announced in May that those who dropped out of college in the final year can enroll in this one-time opportunity to appear for the exam and complete their courses. The university will hold another round of exams in March next year.

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