Error in mark sheets, MU recalls more than 3000 results of last year law

Several final-year law students of Mumbai University (MU) have received “erroneous” mark sheets, with errors in their Permanent Registration Number (PRN), a unique 16-digit number for each student.

So the university has recalled all these cards to fix the error, which has affected at least 3,000 students.

The issue came to light after several MU final year students started facing verification issues while applying for admission to higher education courses. Candidates applying for admission to MU must fill out an online form, and this information is being verified to confirm each student’s eligibility, then they are assigned a unique 16-digit PRN . Each student then uses the unique PRN as a reference number throughout the course, which is also printed on the grade sheet.

“The error in PRN was noticed when I was applying for a master’s course in another university,” said one student, requesting anonymity. The student, who has completed an undergraduate course at Nalanda Law School, is applying for admission to LLM in other universities, but will not be able to do so without a rectified mark sheet.

“The time it takes to rectify the mistake will lead to further delay,” said the principal of a law college in Mumbai.

“The university should resolve the issue as soon as possible because many students have been waiting to get admission in PG courses,” said Sachin Pawar, president of the Students Law Council, a student body.

The MU has accepted the error, mentioning that 3,064 marks of the last year (semester VI) were affected. “There is an error in the last 16-digit PRN of these mark sheets. The last digit was printed as zero… A rectified mark sheet will be issued to these students soon,” said a MU official.

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