Foreign universities awaiting guidelines to set up campuses in India: UNISA officials

According to top officials of the University of South Australia (UNiSA), foreign universities are waiting for the Indian government to formalize guidelines for them to set up campuses in the country.

They termed India’s decision to allow foreign universities to operate in the country as an important development.

“Many universities in Australia and other countries are waiting for the guidelines to be formalized,” Rishen Shekhar, director of Global Recruitment and Engagement, UNiSA, told PTI.

“We already offer similar hybrid models in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and China, but so far we haven’t done it in India due to regulations. We can replicate the same in India, but we need to understand the legislations first “, added.

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The new National Education Policy (NEP) states that the world’s top 100 universities will be “facilitated” to operate in the country through a new law.

NEP 2020 is only the third major revamp of the education framework in India since independence. The previous two policies were introduced in 1968 and 1986.

Tom Steer, UniSA’s chief academic officer, said that until now the engagement between India and Australia in the education sector was limited to research and student exchange.

“NEP is an extremely positive policy because it will really make studies at international universities not only more accessible, but also relevant,” he said.

The top officials were part of a contingent that recently visited Delhi to promote the ‘Bachelor of Digital Business Degree’ course.

More than 1,600 Indian students are enrolled in different courses at UNiSA.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had in April approved regulations for Indian and foreign higher education institutions to offer joint or dual degrees and twinning programmes.

According to the approved regulations, a “twinning program” will be a collaborative arrangement whereby students enrolled in an Indian higher education institution can undertake their study programs partly in India, complying with the relevant regulations of the UGC, and partly in a foreign higher education institution. .

The UGC, however, clarified that no franchise or study center agreement, “whether overtly or covertly, as the nomenclature is used, between a foreign higher education institution and an Indian higher education institution shall not will be allowed in accordance with these regulations.”

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