From Two Term to Cracking CUET: CBSE 2022 Topper’s Journey to His Dream College

CBSE 2022 topper Yuvakshi Vig is a happy soul after getting admission in BA (Hons) in Applied Psychology at Delhi University’s Gargi College, her first preference. The first round of seat allocation was done on October 19 through the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS).

Vig prepared for the board exams during the Covid-19-induced lockdown and said it was a blessing in disguise. “In classes 11 and 12, there are a lot of distractions and I realized that I can concentrate better when I’m at home surrounded by my books,” she said.

His hard work paid off and the student from Amity International School, Noida scored 500/500 in his class 12 exam. His subjects were History, Psychology, Political Science, English and Fine Arts.

The 18-years said that she never “counted the hours” as she put in all her efforts to prepare for the board exams. “During the day, I knew about the periods of time when my concentration was at its peak and I would focus completely on the subject at hand and then do everything else,” he said.

She was among the students who saw the Class 12 exams split into two terms, followed by the Common College Entrance Test (CUET) for admission to central universities. Like many other students, Vig assumed that DU admissions will be based on class 12 board results. It was only after term 1 of class 12 boards that she was informed about CUET. “I prepared a lot for the boards, studying every day. Little by little, we got to know the CUET exam and at that time nobody knew the pattern or anything about the questions,” he said.

Vig’s preparation was based entirely on self-study and the help of her teachers. He said he did not need tuition or training services as social sciences were always his main interest. “This (social science) was never a burden. I was able to manage it effectively. My teachers explained everything so well from the beginning that everything was clear. They helped me clear all my doubts whenever I had them “They are very enthusiastic teachers,” he said.

Like everyone in the country, Vig’s social life was also hampered due to the lockdown. While being at home helped him concentrate better, the extended periods of isolation took a toll on his studies. “It has its pros and cons. There were days when I was in it for a long time and I couldn’t really focus because there was no change in the environment. It caused distractions,” he said.

She said she chose Applied Psychology over Honors Psychology as she finds it more appealing because of its practice-based courses. “I came a long way in Psychology, as it is very academic and research-based. I like to study and research and I would like to do post graduation after DU and explore all fields academically and choose my career,” he said.

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