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Recently, the National Medical Council (NMC) of India notified that it will not recognize the “mobility program” offered by the Ukrainian government for foreign medical students. Ukrainian universities offer a “mobility program” to Indian students under which they can choose to study at another university for a few semesters under the “student exchange” program.

Similarly, Indian students studying in China also hope to join their programs in enrolled Chinese universities. Several students voiced their concerns to the NMC which were responded to by the council to help distressed students.

1. Can Ukraine come back?ed do foreign medical students transfer to other universities?

– In accordance with the FMGE Regulations 2021, all course training and a student’s internship must take place at the same foreign medical institution throughout the course and no part of the training/internship must be from other institutions. Therefore, transfer is not allowed.

2. Can a medical student change from a 6-year course to a 5-year course?

For overseas medical students covered by the Screening Tests Regulations 2022, there is no transfer clause. However, there are no restrictions on transfer as long as the criteria set out in the selection test regulations are met.

3. Does NMC approve the mobility program offered by Ukrainian universities?

India’s National Medical Council (NMC) has notified that it will not recognize the “mobility program” offered by the Ukrainian government for foreign medical students.

4. Are online classes valid for foreign medical students returning to Ukraine?

Foreign medical students can only take online classes for theoretical subjects which must be compulsorily supplemented with offline medical and clinical training. The foreign medical student must present a certificate issued by the foreign medical university to successfully complete the offline training.

5. Can foreign medical students returned to Ukraine be accommodated in Indian institutes?

No provision is available for admission of such students in Indian medical colleges. In addition, the National Medical Council does not approve foreign universities or medical institutes for obtaining any medical degree.

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