IIM-Ahmedabad to rebuild parts of campus buildings; new logo, website launched

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) today announced the reconstruction of some buildings on the old campus. In this process, all buildings will be inspected for structural damage, deterioration, and the institute will ensure that the structures are not uninhabitable.

“The institute is proud of its background and rich legacy, including iconic architecture, which were instrumental in its growth to become a world-class institution. However, with the passing of time, some of the buildings have suffered structural damage, deterioration and have become uninhabitable, posing a safety concern for campus residents,” the institute said in a press release.

This decision, says IIM-A, was taken after numerous meetings and reviews that included surveys of structural and earthquake engineers from IIT Roorkee and an international panel of restoration experts, architects and structural engineers. “As per the decision, the institute will not proceed with any further restoration of the faculty blocks, classroom complex and dormitories other than D15,” the IIM-A said.

In December last year, the institute had to withdraw a floating expression of interest (EoI) after receiving strong protests from architects, designers, historians, alumni and children of American architect Louis Kahn (the original designer).

In addition, an RFP process will be initiated at a later date for the reconstruction of the Faculty Blocks, Classroom Complex and Peripheral Dormitories 16 to 18 with the same external facade, seismically safe structure and minor renovation of the interior space to improve it. functionality adapted to the needs of users. The remaining dormitories will be remodeled, in keeping with the Louis Kahn heritage and taking into account the functional needs of current and future campus residents.

Meanwhile, IIM Ahmedabad is also changing its logo. The new logo will still have the Sanskrit inscription Vidya Viniyogadvikasa (development through the distribution or application of knowledge). Also, the ‘jali’ work has been updated with clear, bold lines and curves in navy blue.

“The updated logo has ‘IIMA’ as its single wordmark which is a recognition of the unique identity of the Indian Institute of Ahmedabad as an institute of national importance that is based on association with this city since its inception ” said the institute.

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