IIT-Jodhpur introduces two new four-year degree programmes

The Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur will launch new four-year degree programs in Chemistry and Physics with engineering-linked specialization. The institute offers to meet the growing need and demand for modern technologies through these courses.

In the first year, the programs will focus on fundamental knowledge in basic science and engineering. The second and third years will focus on comprehensive theory and experiments in advanced concepts of Chemistry and Physics. And, in the final year, the programs will allow students to specialize in a focused area at the cutting edge of science.

The courses are designed in accordance with the interdisciplinary approach mentioned in the National Education Policy 2020. One of the key features of the curriculum of this program is the flexibility to opt for different majors.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The program has been developed with the aim of innovating in science-based engineering. It is designed for postgraduate students and has application opportunities in areas such as Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Materials and Devices, Energy, Health and Environment.

The main features of the program are:

Emphasis on sustainable innovations relevant to the industry

Opportunity to achieve department-specific specialization in spectroscopy and dynamics, and organic and organometallic catalysis

Interdisciplinary specialization in Advanced Energy Materials

Bachelor of Science in Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics program aims to focus on the theoretical foundations and practical skills of fundamental and applied physics with an understanding of interdisciplinary subjects through theory, computation and practical training. Graduates of this program will have career opportunities in various areas, including green energy and sustainable energy materials, photonics and terahertz technology/communications, quantum technology and communications, quantum open systems, flexible electronics, multifunctional materials and devices, smart energy for smart cities. and Smart Healthcare.

The main features of the program are:

Flexibility to pursue specializations linked to ability in various domains such as. Advanced Energy Materials, Photonics and

Quantum technologies

Integration of Engineering Design aspects into the curriculum

Opportunity to acquire industrial experience through industry collaborations

Students in the program will have the opportunity to convert their four-year program into a five-year Bachelor of Science-MTech dual degree program with the relevant specialization. The program also offers an entrepreneurial path through science-based engineering innovations.

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