Indian schools invited to participate in World’s Best Schools Awards 2023

As applications for the World’s Best Schools Awards 2023 opened this week, outstanding Indian schools are urged to enter the competition.

The new USD 250,000 prize, launched last year, celebrates schools around the world for the important role they play and their enormous contribution to the progress of society, especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Organizers note that more schools from India were shortlisted for the inaugural awards than any other country, with New Delhi making the list of the world’s top 10 schools for Innovation 2022.

“We founded the World’s Best School Awards to create the conversations that lead to lasting change,” said Vikas Pota, founder of UK-based T4 Education, which is behind the awards.

“Conversations between educators learning from each other’s life solutions and conversations in the hallways and corridors of power where leaders need to sit and listen to those on the front lines,” he said.

The five World’s Best Schools Awards (for community collaboration, environmental action, innovation, overcoming adversity and supporting healthy living) were founded by digital media platform T4 Education in collaboration with Accenture and American Express.

They are conceptualized as a grassroots solution to help build systemic change and provide inspiring schools with a global platform, enabling them to share their best practices and help others replicate their innovative ideas.

“Schools across India should come forward and apply for the world’s most prestigious education award so that their tireless work can get the recognition and support it deserves,” said Shaheen Mistri, CEO of Teach for India.

“I am very proud of the achievements of Indian schools in the first ever World’s Best School Awards. These awards have really put India’s education community on the map. We know that our education system faces huge challenges, but by bringing our incredible schools together we can work to transform education,” added Safeena Husain, founder of Eduque Girls.

Mistri and Husain form a broad Academy of Judges for the award, which will be narrowed down to the top 10 for each award category in June 2023 and then three finalists in September next year. The winners will be announced in October 2023, when the US$250,000 will be split equally among the five prize winners, each receiving a prize of US$50,000.

Shortlisted schools will share their best practices through webinars and showcase their expertise through school transformation tools, with step-by-step instructions on how others can replicate their innovative approaches to help improve education everywhere.

The awards are open to all schools that provide education to pupils in compulsory schooling and are legally registered with their respective Ministry of Education or government regulatory authority, including pre-school, nursery, primary and secondary schools and schools in line They can apply to compete for next year’s awards by the March 15 deadline at

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