Indian students in China not eligible for FMGE if license not obtained, govt warns

The Embassy of India in Beijing today informed that if any Indian student, who joined a medical program in China after November 2021, does not get the license to practice as a doctor in China, he will be ineligible to take the foreign medical postgraduate exam (FMGE).

“The Embassy has informed the concerned Chinese authorities and medical colleges with a request to ensure that all Indian students coming to China for the clinical medicine program are educated, trained and facilitated to can meet the above NMC requirements Any student who joins the clinical medicine program in China after November 2021 and does not obtain the license to practice as a doctor in China will be ineligible to apply foreign medical postgraduate examination,” the official notification stated.

It also stated that all foreign medical students must be “registered with the respective professional regulatory body or otherwise competent to grant a license to practice medicine in their respective jurisdiction of the country in which the qualification is obtained medical title and at the same time as the license to practice medicine. given to a citizen of this country.”

The embassy also informed the Indian students that the authorities are in talks with their Chinese counterparts to grant Indian students a doctor’s license in China, so that the students can work in Chinese hospitals as “assistant doctors” after to complete their medical training. This, the students declare, will enable them to earn a living and pay off their education loans.

According to the government, more than 23,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in Chinese universities. The vast majority of them studied medicine. Now, since China re-issued visas, more than 350 students have returned to rejoin their colleges.

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