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IIT Kanpur organized an ‘Open House’ session for JEE Advanced qualified candidates and their parents this week. The panel which addressed the concerns and questions of the students included Principal of the Institute Prof Abhay Karandikar, Dean Academic Affairs Prof Shalabh and Dean Student Affairs Prof Siddhartha Panda among others

Here are some questions answered by the panel:

Q. What’s new at IIT Kanpur?

“The scope of learning has been expanded to include social sciences, communication, humanities, economics, management, environment (SCHEME). An active student entrepreneurship policy will soon be introduced for those who wish to pursue it. External activities such as entrepreneurial work will be incorporated into the credit system. Online courses will also be taken into account and their credits can be added to the result. There is also an option for students who wish to exit the program early. We have new programs such as Bachelor of Technology and Management and Bachelor of Technology, with Honours,” said Dean of Academic Affairs Shalabh.

Q. What about internships, research opportunities and recruitment?

Raju Gupta, the president of student placement office said, “In terms of placement, both BTech and BS students are offered jobs and everyone was placed on previous year. A total of 332 students were offered placements. Some well-known recruiters at IIT Kanpur include Google, Goldman Sachs, Bain & Co., McKinsey & Co. and Tata Motors. Previous years placement statistics show that 32 students received international offers in 2019-2020, rising to 47 in 2021-22.The average salary package of IIT Kanpur students is increasing and many have done summer internships with national and international companies with stipends of up to Rs 13 lakh per month.

“From the third year onwards, students interested in research can interact with professors and start research work with them. The summer internship opportunity allows you to work with faculty and be exposed to research,” said Professor Shalabh. “Internship opportunities and recruitment are equally accessible and consistent across all subjects and streams.” add Rohit Kejriwal, president of Students’ Gymkhana.

Q. How is the entrepreneurial culture at IIT Kanpur?

One of the student panelists said: “Entrepreneurship has many aspects. From the first month there will be prominent speakers who will come to the sessions organized by the entrepreneurship cell. These skills have been instilled in you from the beginning.”

Prof. Shalabh further said, “IIT Kanpur will provide resources for entrepreneurial ideas. We support entrepreneurs by providing grants and funding. There are new policies to help their entrepreneurial spirit.”

Q. Can I opt for a double degree?

“The Dual Degree-Master’s is a five-year program in which a student obtains a degree and a master’s degree. The double degree program has three categories: Category A: In this case, both degrees are from the same discipline/department. The two combinations in this category are B Tech-MTech and BS-MS.

“Category B: This is a two-discipline/department program where the bachelor’s degree is in the main discipline/department and the master’s degree is in a different discipline/department. Thus, six degree combinations are possible in this category: B Tech-M Tech, B Tech-MS, BTech-MDES, BS-M Tech, BS-MS and BS-MDES.

“Category C: In this case, the Degree is from the parent discipline/department and the Master’s is an MBA. So the two possible combinations are B Tech-MBA and BS-MBA,” Shalabh said.

Q. Can I opt for a double major?

“Double major is a five-year program for a bachelor’s degree with majors in two departments/disciplines offering B Tech/BS degrees. The first major is in the parent department, while the second major is in the department to which the student is admitted for this purpose after the 4th semester,” said Professor Shalabh.

“Students must have a minimum cumulative performance index (CPI) of 7.0 when applying for a double major. Students who opt for a double major cannot apply for a double major and vice versa. Admission to the double major program is subject to IPC and seat availability,” said Professor Ashoke De.

Q. Can I apply for a minor?

“Students can include a specialization within a discipline other than their own

parental discipline during the regular four-year BTech programme. It is recognized as a “minor” on the student’s grade. A ‘minor’ can be completed within the time and credits required for a student’s normal four-year degree program,” Professor Shalabh said.

Q. When and how can I change my branch?

A BTech/BS student may choose to apply for a change to another program in any other discipline. “When the opportunity comes, depending on the strength of the department and your scores, you can switch branches. You have the option to switch after the second semester and in some cases after the fourth semester,” Shalabh said.

Q. Is it true that academics are the hardest thing at IIT Kanpur?

“When exploring academics, IIT Kanpur is the best choice… No student is studying in all IITs to judge, but yes (IIT) Kanpur is considered the toughest,” said Rohit Kejriwal.

Q. How is a physics and economics program at IIT Kanpur different from others?

“The physics program at IIT Kanpur is unique in the country. Other IITs offer a BTech in engineering physics, while IIT Kanpur has a four-year BS physics program,” replied Sudeep Bhattacharjee.

Professor Sarani Saha added, “The Bachelor’s program in Economics is unique to IIT Kanpur because here you get training in economics and other fields. It is a new department introduced in 2017 and a popular choice among students.”

Q. Are Statistics and Data Science programs difficult?

“Statistics and data science are among the most demanding subjects in industry and academia. Students at IIT Kanpur are trained in labs and work on data projects in addition to the theory part. Data science is in high demand internationally and nationally. IIT Kanpur is the only IIT with a comprehensive four-year program in data science. It is a successful programme,” said Abhay Karandikar.

Q. What about student safety on campus?

“There is a zero tolerance policy. Anti-raging squads are stationed at different places in the campus and instructions are given to senior students, and there are disciplinary committees,” said Siddhartha Panda.

Prof. Sarani Saha said, “The women’s cell helps the institution foster a gender-sensitive campus that is safe for women and ensures a community free from gender discrimination. We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment. There are sessions on gender-related issues such as casual sexism, and checks and balances are maintained within the institution. The Internal Complaints Commission and the Women’s Cell offer support to everyone.”

“The campus has medical facilities such as a health center with 14 doctors, 24/7 emergency availability, an on-call doctor and two ambulances on campus,” Prof Karandikar added .

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