JEE Advanced: UT aspirants find maths time consuming

Aspirants of the Joint Advanced Entrance Examination (JEE) 2022 found the Mathematics section the toughest and longest after the exam was held in Chandigarh on Sunday. The exam was conducted at various centers including Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology Mohali, SAS Institute of Information Technology and Research and IoN Digital Zone (IDZ Mohali).

Candidates said that the font size of the question paper was unusually large, causing them to scroll through the screen several times and wasting their time. Gian Jyoti aspirants also faced technical problems for about 15 minutes as there was a power failure which created chaos.

Sadanand Wani, Head, Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh, Sector 34, did an analysis of both the articles. “The paper was quite long and difficult compared to previous years. The maths section was the most difficult, while the chemistry section was the easiest. A total of 54 questions were asked in the exam ( 18 questions each from physics, chemistry and maths),” he said.

Aniket, a candidate, who appeared in his IoN Digital Zone, found the numericals in the physics section a bit difficult to solve. He said that some topics on the rotary movement were also complicated. He went to Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh for his training.

Rishi Saxena, another candidate and resident of Sector 29, attempted 27 questions out of 54. He said, “Numericals, both in maths and physics, were complex which took time to solve. Also, for 15 minutes, cause a blackout and the displays went off, breaking continuity. This could affect overall performance.”

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Malik, a resident of Sector 60, went to Aakash Institute for his training. He said, “We solved previous years’ question papers and worked hard. But in today’s exam, chemistry numerical was just as difficult to solve, like maths.”

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