Karnataka NEET UG: Students complain of technical glitches, application deadline extended

Aspirants of various undergraduate and postgraduate courses are now starting to call the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) as the ‘Karnataka Bug Authority’ after various technical and administrative issues hampered their admission process in various state universities.

UG NEET aspirants, who were supposed to fill their admission applications on October 15, are now reeling in uncertainty after technical issues hit the KEA website preventing them from further processing their applications requests The last date for submission of application has now been postponed to October 25.

Humaira, a UG NEET student, sat in front of the computer for 12 hours to try her luck in applying for UG NEET. “My mom and I would go back and forth in the middle of the night to check the website for technical issues. But after multiple attempts we gave up and went to the KEA office to finish the application process,” said Humaira.

UG NEET candidates also complained that the admission acknowledgment document to be generated after the application process has not yet been generated due to “server” issues. The KEA on its website has stated that “the print application process for UG NEET is disabled due to server issues and will be available only from 5 PM”.

Gautam H, another UG NEET aspirant, said that KEA is nothing but Karnataka Errors Authority. “After unknowingly clicking on an option related to NRI seats, the website is now asking me to cough up an additional Rs 4,000 to lock the seat. Now I can’t undo the option as there is no edit option for this clause.”

KEA officials pointed out that the process of multiple admission at the same time is causing serious technical problems. Admission process is already underway for Engineering CET, UG NEET, PG NEET, KPTCL Exam, Post Graduate in MD & MS, Assistant Professor Recruitment among others.

An official said, “The old softwares are not capable of handling a large amount of data when there are multiple admission processes for different courses going on. Also, administratively, some of the staff handling the admission process are new to the task. They don’t have the skill to handle the situation yet.”

KEA Executive Director S Ramya clarified that the authority is yet to adapt to the new software and programming and that the old programs are now handling the multiple admission process at the same time.

Also, 15,000-20,000 CET candidates have entered wrong RD number while applying for engineering seats, till KEA is unable to release the mock allotment seats. The official said, “KEA has now sought the state government’s opinion to resolve the issue of incorrect data entry by 15,000-20,000 students for whom mock allotment seats cannot be uploaded “.

Meanwhile, PG NEET students complain that the KEA is not aligned with the All India Counseling Round (AIC) for admission. While AIC is in Round 2, Karnataka is yet to cross Round 1.

Also, in-service MBBS students (serving in public health centers in rural areas for more than 3 years) have now gone to the Karnataka High Court seeking an increase in reservation for in-service category students up to 30% of 15%. In fact, the reservation was 30% only for the academic year 2021, but there was no clarity whether the same would be applied for the following years.

Arun NS, a PG NEET aspirant, who belongs to the general merit category, said, “This measure of in-service candidates is totally unfair and unjust. They are only 130 and they are demanding increase in reservations. Though KEA has clarified that the percentage of reservations may vary”.

However, he also complained that “The PG NEET results were announced in May and KEA is yet to finish the state first round counseling and start the academic year. KEA is way behind schedule for the entire India because of its administrative loopholes.”

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