KCET row: Karnataka HC keeps expert committee proposal less than 6 points for repeaters

KCET Row: The two-judge bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice S Vishwajith Shetty on Friday accepted the recommendations of the expert committee to evaluate the repeaters after deducting 6 marks from the marks of the general qualifying examination (QE) in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The HC also disposed of the government’s appeal in accordance with the expert committee’s proposal and directed the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) to issue a fresh government order on the evaluation of repeaters based on the standardization process recommended by the expert committee.

The committee headed by Dr B Thimmegowda, vice-chairman, Karnataka Council of Higher Education, constituted a committee on September 20 in which the root mean square method or RMS was used to calculate the difference in average marks obtained for 2022-23 candidates and 2021 candidates (Covid-19) in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

According to the normalization procedure, the qualifying marks of the 2021 PU batch students should be subtracted with an average of 6 marks in Physics, 5 in Chemistry and 7 in Mathematics, resulting in a total deduction of 6 points for 100 marks. According to the expert committee, after normalization, using the 50-50 basis of QE and CET marks to evaluate repeaters or students from the Covid-19 batch, could affect the ranking of students to some extent from the post covid batch or the most recent batch. Therefore, to safeguard the interest of post-covid students, the seats in IT related offices in the universities as the preferred seat selection of previous years will be increased to 10 percent.

The HC also observed that the counsel representing the repeaters failed to demonstrate the discrepancy in the expert committee’s proposal.

After a single bench, Justice Krishna Kumar on September 3 allowed the KCET repeaters’ plea and ordered a revaluation of the KCET ranking taking into account 50 per cent of the qualifying exam marks (QE ) and 50 per cent of the CET marks, the state government filed an appeal in the Karnataka High Court before a two-judge bench. The state government stated that considering 50 per cent QE marks for repeaters, it will be unfair for more than 1.75 lakh freshers.

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