M.Tech students of IIT-Delhi protest against fee hike

M.Tech students at IIT-Delhi are protesting a fee hike, which they said was more than double, for their programs this academic session. The institute authorities are currently under review.

According to the institute officials, the current fee had been decided by the institute board and was implemented in January 2022. “With the request of M.Tech students to revise the tuition fee, the institute formed a committee that looked into the matter. The committee has given its recommendations, which are awaiting approval from the board,” an official said.

Till last year, the tuition fees for M.Tech programs was Rs 10,000 per semester. As per the new fee structure, applicable to students admitted in 2022-2023, it is Rs 25,000 per semester. The hostel fee has been increased from Rs 10,500 per semester to Rs 13,250 per semester. M.Tech students admitted in this course only joined the institute last month.

“The tuition fee has increased by 150% and the total price has increased from about 26,000 rupees per semester to about 53,000 rupees. This is while the monthly salary, which we get for doing teaching assistant duties and laboratory work , it remains the same at Rs 12,400 per month. The increase is too steep. We had to accept dues when we joined but we are trying to challenge it. We have had meetings with the authorities but nothing yet written assurance that it will be reviewed,” said a first-year M.Tech student.

Students have been holding “silent protests” on campus demanding a review of the fee hike. “We do it peacefully and we have not gone on strike. We want our fees to be reviewed without affecting our academics,” said a student who is part of the protest.

Last month, students of IIT-Bombay had conducted a one week hunger strike to demand a reduction in the increase in fees in his institute after which he approved a partial reversal of the increased quota.

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