Maharashtra: Provisional Seat Matric Issued for UG Medical Courses; the confusion remains

The Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (CET) cell on Friday issued a provisional seat matrix for medical undergraduate (UG) courses. However, instead of clarifying the number of seats available for admissions, it has created doubts among candidates and parents as there is confusion about some seats.

According to the seat matrix, there are 4,750 seats in government medical colleges this year. In addition, there are 2,870 places in private schools. However, parents have identified confusion in these seats.

“The seat matrix includes 100 seats in ACPM Medical College, Dhule. But according to National Medical Council (NMC), these seats have been withdrawn. Instead, 50 new seats are shown in Terna Medical College, without being clear if these new seats have all approvals. This indicates a repeat of what happened in PG admissions which started a while back and raises our doubts,” said Sudha Shenoy, parent representative. “This mismatch is bound to add to the confusion and raise doubts as to whether these seats will get an allocation,” Shenoy added.

Earlier this month, the Maharashtra CET Cell excluded 400 seats from the total seat matrix of PG admissions at the time of allotment. Candidates had cried foul after the first round of seat allotment because several seats shown in the seat matrix had no allocation. Hours later, CET Cell issued a notification clarifying that 400 seats have been excluded due to pending permits. Candidates and parents have started sending mass emails to the CET Cell demanding explanations about the exclusion of seats.

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