Maharashtra starts NEET-PG admission process, candidates need to pay security deposit now

THE MAHARASHTRA Common Entrance Test (CET) Cell has released the information brochure for NEET-PG Entrance, thus starting the much awaited PG Medical Admission process in the state. Candidates will now have to pay a security deposit of Rs 25,000 for government university seats, while those who want to apply for private universities too will have to pay Rs 1 lakh, both of which are refundable. In addition, candidates will also have the opportunity to change their college preference list in each round. There will be two rounds of admissions followed by a clearing round and finally an online missed vacancy round.

Till now, there was no practice of security deposit in medical admissions in Maharashtra. There was a marginal registration fee of Rs 1,000. “Candidates who are sure of getting a seat in a government medical college will have to pay Rs 25,000. However, candidates with lower scores willing to get a chance to get into a private college will have to pay a security deposit of Rs 1 lakh,” said Sudha Shenoy, a parent. “Candidates will have an opportunity to wait for a better college in the second round if they are not satisfied with the first round allotment. However, if a new seat is allotted in the second round, it is mandatory to confirm the admission or waive the security deposit,” Shenoy said. Such candidates will have to restart with a new application and a new deposit payment for the clearing round. If there is no seat allocation in the second round, the deposit money will continue to be considered for a better chance in the make-up round.

This, parents say, will put an end to the trend of high scorers blocking seats. “Students with high scores would lock seats while trying their luck in later rounds or even in other states. Now, the picture would be clearer in the second round as it is mandatory to confirm admission if allotted a seat. This it will speed up the process,” said Brijesh Sutaria, another parent, adding that the opportunity to change college preferences for each round increases students’ chances of getting admission in their desired college.

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