Maharashtra village government school takes unique initiatives to motivate students

A government-run primary school in a village in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district has come up with new ways to keep students committed to the institution and ensure attendance.

The zilla parishad-run primary school in Babuwadi-Chartha village has only 50 students and two teachers. The village is situated on a hill about 45 km from the district headquarters.

Over the years, the school that caters to students up to class 5 has been taking unique initiatives to teach children social responsibility, ensure they take care of the school environment and motivate them to study well.

Whether it’s helping their teachers clean the school every morning, planting saplings or enjoying bag-free days, the kids have grown to love the school for their initiatives.

Speaking about the latest ‘smile badge’ programme, school principal Sudhir Tupe said, “The COVID-19 pandemic changed the study habits of students. The smile badge initiative was started to ensure children are motivated to complete their homework.”

Children who complete their homework earn the badge and wear it during school hours, he said, adding that a student committee has been formed to review homework each day.

“School starts at 9:30 a.m. every day. But the children come half an hour earlier to help the teachers clean the premises,” Tupe told PTI.

In order to keep students motivated to come to school, bag-free days have been observed since the last four or five years.

“On days without a suitcase, we do some gardening, yoga and other fun activities. This has helped improve attendance and the children love coming to school because of it,” he said.

The school has also undertaken a planting program to maintain green cover in and around the premises, Tupe said.

“Since 2013 we have planted nearly 60 saplings in the school grounds. The students save some water in their bottles and water the trees every day on the way home,” Tupe said.

On the academic front, three students from the school got admission in Navodaya Vidyalayas, while 15 students have won scholarships since 2017, he said.

Zilla Parishad education officer Jayashree Chavan said the school’s initiatives have been unique and some of them were replicated by other institutions in the district.

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