Medical students admitted under NRI quota to produce documents justifying claims

The Medical Advisory Committee (MCC) issued a notice on Thursday stating that students seeking registration under the NRI category must submit documents supporting their claims of NRI status. They will have to send the relevant documentation to: [email protected].

Candidates can submit their documents between November 3 at 5:00 PM and November 5 at 10:00 AM. Mails sent before or after the stipulated time will not be taken into account. The decision has been taken on the orders of the Supreme Court so that no student with lower merits can get access to the NRI quota.

The Consortium of Puritan Universities of Karnataka (CODEUNIK) filed a writ petition as many cases of students who were residents of India admitted under the NRI quota were coming to light.

The fees for NRI quota is higher than other students, so Indian students who could afford the fees got into NRI quota seats despite scoring lower .

According to the court order, not more than 15 per cent seats will be reserved for NRIs subject to the discretion of the governing body with two conditions. “Firstly, these seats should be used bona fide by NRIs only for their children or wards. Secondly, within this quota, merit should not be given a complete pass.”

Students have been advised to keep checking the official website of MCC for more details: More details about who can apply for seats under NRI quota is available on the official website.

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