Medical students in a place like NMC says that it does not recognize the offer of Ukraine

In a setback for Indian medical students who returned from Ukraine after the outbreak of war there, India’s National Medical Council (NMC) has notified that it does not recognize the ‘mobility programme’ offered by the Ukrainian government for foreign medical students. .

Ahead of the fall semester starting September 1, Ukrainian universities offer a “mobility program” to Indian students in which they can choose to study at another university for a few semesters under the “exchange ‘students’, which the NMC has refused to recognize.

Indian students have started receiving emails from Ukrainian universities to pay the next semester’s fee. Students are offered the option of returning to university for offline classes or continuing to study theory online and returning to practical training around February 2023 when the next semester begins. The other option offered is a “mobility program” under which their classes will be organized at some other university in Europe although they will remain students of the Ukrainian university.

Apart from refusing to recognize the mobility offer to the students, the NMC clarified that the option of hosting the students in Indian medical colleges was also not there.

The option available to a student is to transfer, that is, to leave the Ukrainian university and enter another university. But this option is also available only to students whose course had started before November 18, 2021. The Foreign Medical Graduate Licensure (FMGL) Regulations that came into force in November 2021 state that students they must complete all their training and internships from the same university without the option of transfer.

Therefore, for first-year students whose classes began after the deadline (November 18, 2021), transferring is not even an option. They have to return to Ukraine or clear NEET to get admission in an Indian university.


The way forward

With the latest NMC notification, second-year medical students have the option to leave the Ukrainian university and apply for individual transfer to another foreign university. For students who enrolled after November 18, 2021, they can join online theory classes and return to Ukraine for practical/clinical training. Another option for all is to clear NEET and re-admit to a medical college in India.

Many Indian students who had enrolled in Ukrainian medical colleges and were contemplating moving to another European country to complete their course under the mobility plan are now very worried.

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“A few days ago, the agency that admitted us to the university and that represents us there, informed us that they plan to transfer us to a university in Georgia, as part of the mobility program. But after this NMC notification, it is now clear that is no longer an option. The agency also told us that they are trying for a transfer, but it is taking a long time,” said a third-year student at Kharkiv National Medical University’s Vreglum College, requesting anonymity.

A first-year student at Bokovinian State Medical University said they had been aware of FMGL regulations in the past but were hoping for relief from the NMC. “I had taken a year off to prepare for NEETs and when I didn’t get a place in a government medical college, I went to Ukraine. Starting again would mean a delay of almost three years,” he said .

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