More than 2 thousand seats vacant after third round of admission for FYJC

AFTER the completion of the third round of Centralized Admission Process (CAP) for First Year College (FYJC = Class XI) out of 3.7 lakh seats out of more than 2 lakh are vacant.

Out of these, more than 1.4 lakh seats will be opened for the special round of admission, which will be the last round of CAP.

The rest of the places are for admission fees, including internal, minority or management fees.

The trend of fewer candidates confirming admission to the allotted seats also continued in the third round. A total of 50,769 candidates were awarded, but only 18,942 admissions confirmed.

A total of 28,272 candidates failed to appear for the allotted seats, out of which 4,257 candidates were those, who were allotted seats in their first choice college and yet refused admission.

In the second round, out of the 69,691 candidates who were allotted seats only 24,146 admissions were confirmed, while in the first round out of the total 1,39,651 allotments only 67,963 admissions were confirmed.

“Along with the CAP rounds, admission quotas are held simultaneously at individual university levels. Some candidates confirm admission to preferred colleges through this process,” explained an official from the office of the Deputy Director of Education, Mumbai who conducts CAP online admissions for FYJC.

As the special round process has started with the commencement of applications, candidates are requested to fill the college preferences carefully to get a seat in the desired college, based on merit.

“This will be their last chance to seek admission on the basis of merit after the completion of the special round. First Come First Served (FCFS) round will be initiated which will be in individual colleges,” he explained the official

According to the total CAP applications, a total of 1,08,596 candidates are still not admitted to any institute. “While some of them may have made it to the quota seats, there is a significant number who would expect to get a seat in this special round,” the official added.

A total of 47,192 paid tickets have been confirmed until Friday.

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