NAAC withholds MSU Baroda qualification results by anonymous avis

Acting on an anonymous tip, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has withheld the results of the qualification process of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda based on allegations that it tried to unduly influence members of the peer review team that visited the university. with gold, cash and other favors. Following the proceedings, the NAAC has asked both the university and the members of the peer review team to respond to the allegations, after which further action will be decided.

“Yes, we have received an anonymous complaint and have asked all interested parties to respond. We are still waiting for the response from the university pending which the result has been withheld,” NAAC director Dr SC Sharma said on Thursday.

In the last week of August, university officials had said that MSU Baroda’s grade was improved to A+ from A in the last cycle with considerable overall improvement in the score.

Based in Bangalore, NAAC is a government organization that conducts qualitative assessments and rates Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) based on various parameters. An A++ grade or a CGPA score above 3.51 is considered the highest grade.

As per the procedure, NAAC sends a team of peer review experts to the HEIs for an on-site inspection after which the final score is calculated. There are very strict rules and codes of conduct that must be followed during the review team’s visit to ensure that the institutions do not unduly influence the experts.

According to the anonymous complaint, the NAAC peer team schedule for the three days (August 25, 26 and 27) was not given to faculty or departments, the peer team members of NAAC did not interact with important stakeholders such as teachers, office. and administrative staff as well as students. But there are more serious allegations that members of the review team were offered gold as gifts, tablets, cash in envelopes and an arranged “wine and dinner” at a local resort.

Sharma, the NAAC director, said no action will be taken until the complaint is investigated. (With input from Aditi Raja in Baroda)

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