NIT-Srinagar asks students not to watch Sunday’s India-Pakistan cricket match in groups

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) here has asked its students not to watch Sunday’s India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match in groups or post anything related to it on social media platforms.

In a notice issued by the Dean of Student Welfare, the institute’s administration has asked students to remain in their assigned rooms during the match.

“Students are aware that there is a multi-nation cricket series at Dubai International Stadium. Students are requested to take the sport as a game and not create any kind of indiscipline in the institute/hostel ” says the notice.

During Sunday’s game, students have been ordered to stay in their assigned rooms and not allow other students to enter their rooms and watch the game in groups, he said.

“If there is a group of students watching the match in a particular room, the students who are allotted that particular room will be excluded from the hostel accommodation of the institute and will be fined ‘at least Rs 5,000 to all the students involved.”, the NIT said.

Students have also been told to avoid uploading party-related material on social media. They have also been instructed not to leave their hostel rooms during or after the match.

In 2016, clashes broke out at the institute between local and local students after India’s defeat to the West Indies in the semi-final of the T-20 World Cup, leading to the closure of the NIT for days .

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