Over 30 lakh government officials to be trained in artificial intelligence by 2023: Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Friday said over 30 lakh central and state government officials will be trained and exposed to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain by 2023 for effective governance and grassroots service delivery.

He said there are 25 central training institutions, 33 state-level administrative training institutions and other civil service training institutions besides the Capacity Building Commission and the Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (WITP) who will achieve this noble mission together.

Singh, the Minister of State for Personnel, said artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can detect fraud in GST and income tax returns, blockchain to secure records and certificates and data-driven decision making through the use of analytics.

He said officials will soon use these techniques in day-to-day operations and administration.

Singh said India’s growth story under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been driven largely by the adoption of technology in governance.

He said the use of Aadhaar for vaccine deployment and delivery of vaccines through drones to hard-to-reach areas or the JAM trinity to link Jan Dhan accounts, mobile numbers and Aadhaar cards of Indians to plug the leak of government subsidies through direct benefit transfer (DBT) and unified. Payments Interface (UPI) are some of the examples of technology adoption.

The minister said this while delivering the valedictory address at a two-day workshop on ‘Emerging Technology for Good Governance’ for Heads of Central Training Institutions (CTIs) and State Level Administrative Training Institutions (ATIs) from the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA). ) here.

He said that it is necessary to remain open to new developments in the science and technology sector and to always be on the lookout for new science that can improve work and results.

Singh said Prime Minister Modi has introduced innovation in governance and made it technology-driven.

He said that it is quite evident that in times of uncertainty and changing governance issues, technology is and will be the go-to resource and emphasized that for a nation as large and diverse as India, the adoption of technology it is quite mandatory to ensure far range. of governance

Singh pointed out that the country and its citizens are evolving rapidly in terms of technology education.

“Kids in schools are being taught coding and robotics and with each wave of the workforce the level of technology only increases,” he said.

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