Restricted access to library, no union established at TISS, students allege

While the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) opened its campus for students in July, after a gap of two years, a section of students have claimed that the academic atmosphere in the campus is yet to return to normal, as access to the library is restricted. and no student unions have been formed.

The administration of the institute, on the other hand, has issued a warning to the students in general stating that some groups of students are trying to create an unpleasant situation and unrest in the campus and instigate their classmates to violate the institutional norms.

The TISS Progressive Students Forum (PSF), which has complained about restricted access to the library, also forcibly occupied the institute’s library beyond the permitted time limit. They claimed that the authorities have reduced the library hours from 21 hours (9 am to 6 am) to 4 hours (9 am to 1 am). “This denial of access to the library, which also includes the cyber library, is absolutely unacceptable as there are many students from marginalized backgrounds who do not have laptops,” said one student, adding that the union ‘students has not yet been constituted to raise their problems.

Dean Academic Affairs Prof PK Shajahan said, “The process of forming the students’ union, which is a legitimate student body, has already begun. While all student issues will be addressed with union, until it is fit, we will hold discussions only with class representatives on all matters.”

The notice from the institute authority, while questioning the legitimacy of the protesting student organization also raises concerns about its narrative, stating: “It can only be seen as an attempt to impose certain views and opinions to students and therefore illegitimately claim representation. state.”

Explaining the reason for the notice, a TISS official said, “It was found that a section of students were spreading wrong information and engaging in activities that circumvent democratic and institutional processes. The notice is intended to protect the interests of students and high school.”

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