Single day break between semesters for DU students, registrar cites Covid delay

Delhi University (DU) has released the academic calendar for third and fourth semesters of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for second year students and most of them have said that they will have only one day gap in between.

The notification issued on Wednesday shows that there is a one-day break on January 4, 2023 and fourth semester classes would resume from January 5, 2023.

Students have pointed out that there was also no gap between the second and third semesters.

Chaitanya, a postgraduate student from Jammu, could not visit his family as he had to appear for the exam on August 25 and resume classes for the third semester the next day. “I am not a Delhi local. I wanted to visit my family back home. But there was not a single day off,” said the M.Com student.

He said he had to complete the fee payment and verification procedures before the start of the new semester, but he has not been able to do so yet.

DU registrar Vikas Gupta said this was done with the “Covid batch” to ensure they do not miss any academic year. “We have to cover the year we lost due to Covid. We also have to complete the 180 days of teaching,” Gupta told The Indian Express.

According to the academic calendar, the theory exams will start on 20 December 2022 and are likely to be needed before 30 December 2022.

“We plan to conduct all the exams by December 28 or 30, so somehow they would have an extra 5 days off until the semester starts on 5 (January),” Gupta added.

While the session of the 2020 batch has returned to normal, the academic session of the 2021 batch has to be “compressed”, officials said.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, DU students had about five days off along with the New Year winter break between the third and fourth semesters.

Dr. Chandrachur Singh, Professor of Political Science at Hindu College, said that since there are many subjects taught at DU and students do not have exams for all of them, they get a reasonable number of days between the last day of the exam and the beginning of the next semester.

Juhi Agarwal, 18, a second-year student at Ramjas College, said they also took a one-day break between the first and second semesters since their academic session started six months late. “My second semester exams ended on August 12, so I had a break until the new semester started on the 26th,” said the B.Com (Hons.) student.

“Technically, there were zero days off between my second and third semesters as well, but since my exams ended on the 13th (of August), I had a break until the 26th, so it’s manageable,” he said. said 19-year-old Devansh Banthia. a second year student at Shaheed Sukhdev College.

Prachi Verma, who is in her fourth year, said they had “at least a week off” between semesters. The Bachelor of Primary Education student also said that his batch will have a two-week winter break, before the start of the new semester on January 2, 2023.

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