SIT formed for probe: Watch notice issued against key accused in IELTS scam

The Mehsana police on Thursday issued a look-out notice for one of the prime accused in the IELTS case, Amit Chaudhary, even as a special investigation team (SIT) has been appointed to probe the case.

“It is not confirmed whether he (Amit Chaudhary) is in the country or has gone abroad. But as of now we have issued the vigilance notice. We are questioning his driver Narendra Chaudhary, who we have taken under our custody custody this afternoon (Thursday),” said Nilesh Ghetiya, the investigating officer in the case.

According to Ghetiya, a three-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been formed to investigate the case.

“The team includes Ramesh Desai, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mehsana as supervising officer, Janak Rao, a local sub-inspector of crime branch police as assistant officer and Ghetiya as investigating officer.”

The IELTS scam came to light when four candidates from Mehsana (Neil Patel, Dhruv Patel, Urvesh Patel and Swanendra Patel) and two others were caught illegally crossing the glacial St Regis River from Canada to the United States on April 28 when their boat began to sink and they were rescued by American police.

The said IELTS exam was held at Navsari on 25th September 2021 by Planet EDU Ahmedabad.

According to the police, Chaudhary, who hails from Sargasan in Gandhinagar, is said to be the link between the students and others involved in the case.

Three accused, Gokul Menon, Sawant Fernandes and Sunny Patel, were arrested earlier this month from Ahmedabad for their alleged role in helping four people from Mehsana villages to falsify their IELTS scores and illegally immigrate to the States United from Canada.

Menon and Fernandes were the proxy writers for the IELTS exam held at Navsari on 25 September 2021, and Patel was the invigilator at Planet EDU Ahmedabad.

According to the FIR (September 4), the two rooms booked at Hotel Fun City in Navsari from September 24 to 26, 2021 housed Amit Chaudhary and Narendra Chaudhary, along with two girls from Mizoram, while take the IELTS exam. in the same hotel. Narendra Chaudhary is not among the 45 booked in the FIR.

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