Tamil Nadu not opposed to NEP, sent his remarks: Union Minister Subhas Sarkar

Tamil Nadu has not opposed the National Education Policy (NEP) but has submitted recommendations for consideration, Union Minister of State for Education Subhas Sarkar said on Saturday.

The alleged opposition to the implementation of the NEP by the Center is speculation and projection only in the media, he said.

“I have a copy of the letter written by the Tamil Nadu government giving its recommendations on the NEP. I think some of the recommendations like those on Anganwadis can be taken on a positive note,” the minister told reporters here.

Sarkar, who made a brief halt here after addressing the fifth convocation of the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Sri City in Chittoor, said that “the Tamil Nadu government responded to the NEP and has given his remarks very well.” These will be discussed as some issues need to be resolved, he said. “Tamil Nadu’s opposition to the NEP was just a media fabrication. The State government has not written against the policy to the letter,” the minister said.

On the State government’s move to have its own education policy, Sarkar replied that the NEP is a broader framework given by the Center to improve the quality of education and ensure uniformity across the country.

“We gave a national curriculum for the States to work on under the NEP,” he asserted and said that just as every state has its education policy, Tamil Nadu may have said it will have its own policy.

On the state government’s dual language policy, which opposes the implementation of Hindi, the minister said the Center was not forcing anyone to learn a particular language. Learning a language was a matter of choice exercised by students, parents or the public.

“The Center is promoting education through mother tongue and all languages, including Tamil, should thrive,” Sarkar said.

In order to ensure adequate and qualitatively good education, the roots must be strengthened and all students must acquire Indian knowledge systems in all subjects, he stressed.

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