The emergence of Edtech companies has expanded job opportunities: Survey

A national teacher survey of more than 700 teachers reveals that 86% of tutors believe that the emergence of Edtech companies has expanded their job opportunities, while 82% believe that technology has improved their teaching abilities.

India Edtech Consortium (IEC), the self-regulatory body formed under the aegis of the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) conducted a survey of teachers to assess the effectiveness and quality of education provided by Edtech companies are driving the country. This survey also assessed the level of job satisfaction experienced by teachers during the difficult times of Covid and in the days following the pandemic.

According to this survey, 62% of teachers believe that their work-life balance has improved in the post-pandemic era, and this trend has been observed in both metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities. However, 10 percent of tutors express their discomfort with this trend and said that their work-life balance has been disrupted. These professors said that the increased competition is causing the industry to develop at a very slow pace which is causing very high pressure.

According to the IEC report, member companies – in self-reported data – have highlighted that in the 2022 financial year an expenditure of around 3.5 billion rupees was made to improve the global learning ecosystem that includes teachers, content, pedagogy and teachers.

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