The government presents draft regulations for deemed university students and proposes to waive the 20-year requirement to apply for the label

The government on Friday presented draft amendment regulations for “deemed-to-be” universities, proposing to remove the condition that an institute must be in existence for at least 20 years before it can apply for the label.

The draft UGC (Institutions deemed to be universities) Regulations 2022 also recommends making multidisciplinary institutions, or a group of them, with a minimum of five departments eligible to apply for deemed university status.

UGC chairman Prof M Jagadesh Kumar said the commission felt that amendments are needed in the existing guidelines to bring them in line with the National Education Policy, 2020, which advocates removing the terms “deemed university” or “affiliated university” in full. .

According to current regulations, the 20-year condition is only waived in cases where applicants can establish that they will address the “strategic needs of the country and/or, which are dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage” . Such applicants are granted deemed status under “De Novo” status.

Prof. Kumar said the governance structure of the to-be universities will be similar to that of central universities once the draft regulations are approved.

“The eligibility criteria will be NAAC ‘A’ grade with at least a CGPA of 3.01 for three consecutive cycles or NBA accreditation for two-thirds of eligible programs for three,” he said.

The draft regulation also provides for replacing the term ‘De Novo’ with ‘Different Institution’. A submission has been made to simplify the process of sanctioning off-campus centers of the considered universities.

“The approval of off-campus centers will be granted by the UGC. Previously this approval was given by the Ministry of Education. The considered universities will also be eligible to start offshore campus centers as per UGC regulations on the subject,” Prof Kumar said.

He added that in case of non-compliance with the regulations, graduated sanctions have been introduced, including warning through public notice, prohibition of expansion, closure of programs or departments and withdrawal from consideration of university due to repeated expiry.

The “considered” provision.

The provision under consideration was introduced so that more institutions of higher education attain the status of universities for all practical purposes as under the UGC Act, 1956, only those institutes established by state or union laws.

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