The organization undertakes the mission of improving the quality of education, making learning joyful in Arunachal Pradesh

Aiming to make learning joyful, an organization called Reach to Teach (RTT) Foundation, on Wednesday said it has taken up the mission to improve the quality of teaching in government schools in Arunachal Pradesh.

Reach to Teach Foundation, had signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the state government and NITI Aayog in July this year for a large-scale transformation of school education.

The three-year partnership (2022-25) focused on improving the learning outcomes of students in more than 3,000 government schools in the state, thereby reaching more than two thousand children.

The school education transformation project is part of NITI Aayog’s Development Support Services for States initiative.

“The aim is to try to improve the quality of learning by making learning joyful as a motto. Even in government schools, the joy of learning is not driven by money… but by attitude and commitment,” Reach to Teach Foundation CEO Ratna Viswanathan said here.

“Our focus is on a transformative learning program in the state from classes 1 to 12 and we are working to create content that is child- and teacher-friendly,” he said.

There will be activities to make classes interesting for students and teachers, Viswanathan said.

“Teachers know their students best. They have years of teaching experience. We aim to empower teachers and get them excited,” said Viswanathan.

Viswanathan noted that the organization has already started a school readiness program in the state, the joy of learning has nothing to do with expansive classrooms and facilities, it is about how to teach.

“Teachers must have an emotional understanding of education, which is important. We have planned two activities related to English and Maths every day before classes start so that it becomes a fun exercise for both teachers and students,” he revealed.

On the help given by the state government, the CEO said that it has given the organization full access to schools, State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and government departments to work in col· collaboration

“It is a three-year programme, but if at the end of three years we find that something is not complete, we will take it further by two more years,” Viswanathan added.

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